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Something for the Weekend from Mother London is a site that aims to edit the five best things you’ve seen, read or done that week. Last week, the App Lounge was posted in the design category. It encourages the public to discover new mobile and tablet applications and other digital content.
If you’re lacking inspiration and need a helping hand, Inspire Me Now – an inspiration log from user-experience consultant Szymon Blaszczyk – might be just the thing. From street art to packaging design, coffee mugs to paper food, there is a plethora of interesting things to be seen to set your creative cogs in motion again.
According to a recent article from the Design Council, packaging on supermarket shelves has less than three seconds to grab the attention of a consumer. This guide investigates the power of packaging design, giving advice on how designers can help manufacturers and brand owners create appealing packs.
Syzygy is obviously thinking along the same lines as Design Week, with the DW Interaction Design supplement out this week. A recent blog post from the digital group looks at how digital is changing the way brands think and engage, pointing out that user-generated content can make or break a brand.

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