Inspired – Mark Elwood

The most interesting part of my job is collaborating with talented people.

Those people might be the design team I work with, or some of the other great minds at Fallon.

But sometimes you get really lucky, and you get to work with someone you greatly admire from a different field. Perhaps a great photographer, director or illustrator. Or, as in this case, the fine artist Jim Lambie.

We are currently working with Jim on the new membership pack for the Tate. Last year we worked with the fantastic illustrator David Shrigley, who bought us his humour and quirky point of view.

This year, however, it’s Jim’s turn. I have admired the energy, fun and sheer sense of creativity in his work for some time and was keen to work with him.

We met recently in Glasgow to discuss the project and Jim told me (if memory serves) that he didn’t actually sell a piece of work until he was 37 years old. That should be inspiration for us all.

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