Thursday 18 July Book now for the Chartered Society of Designers’ one-day seminar entitled Project Management. The seminar offers a comprehensive guide to leading successful projects, setting, planning, controlling and costing projects.

LeMan takes her seat as next CSD president

Adrianne LeMan is the new president-elect of the Chartered Society of Designers, narrowly beating ex-CSD Scotland chair Lin Gibbon in a ballot of members. LeMan received 311 votes to Gibbon’s 278, it was revealed at last week’s CSD annual general meeting. She will serve for two years, working closely with new president Nick Jenkins, before […]

Wolves students RSVP with style

Final-year graphics students at Wolverhampton University set out to overhaul the “tired and predictable definitions of graphic design” in a new book called RSVP. Me Mate Design Source is one solution offered. It is the brainchild of student Adrian Wilde, and its label says it is an “original blend of innovation and creativity”. You just […]

Rebuilding Manchester

Manchester Design Community was this week due to discuss its involvement in the rebuilding of the bombed city centre. The Government plans to reveal more details on financing the regeneration after Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine, who has suggeste

BBC confirms identities review

BBC corporate head of design Tony Key is denying reports of a corporate identity change for the broadcaster. But some branding changes are likely. Key confirms that on-screen identity specialist Lambie-Nairn & Co is reviewing the existing TV channel and radio brands and drawing up possible options. But Key also states that this is part […]

Seeing ways of aiding the partially sighted

I recently examined a splendid research project covering the efficient transfer of information to the partially sighted. There must be many DW readers with practical experience, who have taken advantage of the wonderful opportunities the computer has plac

Wembley towers lead the weigh

Sir Norman Foster’s plans for Wembley Stadium to become the UK’s national sports stadium include the retention of its two listed towers. Everything else will be decimated … perhaps England fans with leftover aggression could help in the demolition? Each tower weighs around 2000 tonnes. Rather than being rebuilt bit by bit, these will be […]


The third and probably final bidding round for Millennium Commission grants for capital projects opened this week. The closing date for proposals is 16 September. Associated Design Consultants is designing a book for Mirror Group Newspapers which will contain 300 photographs taken by the public during this week’s Heart of Britain Week. BUJ Interiors has […]

West Midlands group in buy-out

West Midlands consultancy Zappia & Zappia has bought out Birmingham’s Levells Design. The deal, which took effect on Monday, involves all five Levells staff joining the existing 19 employees at Zappia & Zappia in Hagley, Stourbridge.

Hezza could champion design in Government

Furore over the football almost eclipsed Michael Heseltine’s announcement last week of a plan to revive Manchester’s bomb-damaged city centre. A scheme that might otherwise have made the headlines got very little airtime as England fans mourned their defeat. The nation’s mind was on an international contest very different from the design competition the Deputy […]

Pratt to shift at DTI

Alex Pratt, export promoter to the Department of Trade and Industry’s North America Now campaign, stands down on 5 September but is likely to champion design somewhere else within in the DTI.

Nucleus Design treats GPs with simple forms

GPs in England and Wales will be able to spend less time on paperwork and more time on patients with the introduction of a simplified and drastically cut National Health Service form system devised by Nucleus Design. As part of its Patients Not Paper initiative, the NHS reduced its 19 existing forms by almost 80 […]

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