BA to recruit new design chief after Holt resigns from post

British Airways is recruiting a new head of design management after Chris Holt’s recent decision to resign from the post.

Holt joined BA 11 years ago and was responsible for introducing the controversial ethnic tailfins in 1997, designed by the then Newell and Sorrell. Earlier this year the company performed a U-turn, replacing many of the unpopular designs with the Chatham Dockyard version of the Union Flag, designed by Interbrand Newell and Sorrell.

A BA spokeswoman has confirmed that “discussions” are taking place about finding a replacement for Holt, but she is unable to confirm when an appointment will be made. “It is all being handled at present and when we are ready to announce details of his replacement we will do so,” she says.

“It’s Chris Holt’s decision to go and he’s definitely not retiring. His wife gave birth to a son last week and he is spending time with his family and will be embarking on new projects in the future,” she adds.

Holt was unavailable for comment.

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