Chip off Rothko’s block

Artist Mark Rothko’s style is the inspiration for The Media Trust’s latest annual report. Ranch Associates transferred the original canvas work on to computer in Photoshop and created the cover design through the use of graphic illustrations, layering and blurring techniques.

‘The reason we chose the design was because we wanted it to look different from a normal charity publication,’ says Paul Jenkins, creative director at the 10-year-old Clerkenwell group. The Media Trust works in partnership with the media industry to meet the communication needs of charities across the UK. Ranch wanted to find a creative solution to communicate the meeting of these two different enterprises. The report is targeted at charity organisations, and design, film and ad companies.

‘We decided to use Rothko’s work as a concept because painting is one of the most creative media and not directly associated with charity organisations,’ says Jenkins. ‘The painted stripes not only give the report a trendy identity but also communicate the main idea of bringing two areas together,’ he adds.

The concept of the coloured blocks on the front cover continues on the inside pages, framing the written content throughout the report.

Released tomorrow, this is the first annual report that three-strong Ranch has designed for the trust.

Design: Ranch Associates

Creative director: Paul Jenkins

Designers: Ian Eves and Melanie Edwards

Client: The Media Trust

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