4 September 2003

Budding events and…

Budding events and celebrity-wedding designers should turn post haste to ‘Preston Bailey’s Design for Entertaining’, a book that winged its way into our under-decorated lives this week. Bailey, a kind of personal Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen to star clients, offers a host of useful tips. ‘The entrance area is the first thing your guests see when they […]

Boxer logo burns rubber by the M6

Birmingham-based Boxer is to create an identity for the revamped Fort Dunlop complex on the northern edge of city, and further work for other consultancies may be in the offing once developer Urban Splash finalises its plans. A derelict tyre warehouse next to the M6 motorway, Fort Dunlop has been regarded as an eyesore for […]


The Royal Institute of British Architects and the Victoria & Albert Museum have launched a fundraising campaign entitled Architecture for All to create major new architectural galleries for both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Poke creates Care International website

Poke has created a website, www.globalrichlist.com, for Care International. The site aims to highlight the discrepancy between the world’s rich and poor and garner donations for the charity.

Buy some new hardware and play with the knobs

It’s been said we’re harsh on students – poor, loveable, over-worked wretches that they are. So this should warm their little hearts, and other parts, as they prepare to go back to college. We are proud to reveal that E2students, a division of Evesham Technology, is giving away a free pack of Mates condoms with […]

Design Council goes global

Despite Clive Grinyer’s probings into the plans of Richard Eiserman, his successor at the Design Council (see Profile), we will have to wait until October to hear the full story. That is when the council’s new chief executive David Kester is due to deliver his review of the organisation and strategy for the future. But […]

No One’s offensive movie is deemed a bogey flick

Have you ever sat on a bus and watched the person across from you picking their nose indulgently for minutes on end? It’s an unsavoury reality, but at least the Advertising Standards Authority has ensured there’ll be no more of that on film. The ASA is banning an in-bus movie by No One that’s part […]

Central London’s largest…

Central London’s largest new-build hotel for 30 years, complete with a £500 000 ‘art street’, opens this week in Westminster with interiors by Proof. The latter’s work includes a giant lobby (seating area pictured left), a red glass bar called the Millbank Lounge, a ‘classic modern’ 250-cover restaurant City Café and a Sky Lounge (pictured […]

Homebase to pilot Mi Home service

Homebase, now part of Argos Retail Group, unveils its pilot bid to take on the likes of Ikea today, with a store-within-store homewares offering devised by David Davies 517 that is branded by Lamb & Shirley.

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