28 August 2003

Kirk Wylam dishes out oriental food importer look

Surrey-based group Kirk Wylam Design has revamped the identity for oriental food importer Seewoo, as the company moves to differentiate itself from ‘traditionally’ branded competitors. The work, which incorporates signage, livery, marketing material and brand guidelines, launches this week and is the culmination of a 12-month project for the group. According to Kirk Wylam designer […]

Site aims to make flashpoints of mobber meetings

We asked Poke’s Simon Waterfall what he’d been up to recently and he rather mysteriously mentioned www.flashmugging.com – ‘read the copy, it’s filth,’ he said, with relish. Now, we wouldn’t usually want to stretch a gag – in this case the flash mobbing thang – over two weeks, but hey, it’s the bank holiday edition. […]

Soft Moss styles von Furstenberg

Soft Moss has created interiors for 1970s fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg’s first UK store, which is scheduled to open in London’s Notting Hill on 1 September. The store retains the brand’s ‘glamorous American style’, says Soft Moss creative director Mark Brown, but the group has injected a ‘bohemian feel’ in keeping with its Notting […]

Square shows signs of CDT involvement

CDT Design’s identity and signage system for Paternoster Square, one of London’s most high-profile and controversial property schemes in recent years, is rolling out from this week after two years in development. CDT’s marque – incorporating a visual of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, which is adjacent to the newly pedestrianised square – will […]

Retail concepts are put to the test as Bullring opens

Encompassing more than 130 stores and retail space equivalent to 26 football pitches, the £500m revamped Bullring shopping complex in Birmingham finally opens to the public on 4 September. The complex has kept a host of designers busy over the past year, with many retailers using the opportunity to test-bed new concepts. Anchor tenant Debenhams […]

Order helps you to order

While trying to make sense of a café menu, David Bernstein argues the case for creative conventions – why make a meal out of a design for the sake of it?

Barney Pickard revamps Art Review

Art Review magazine has been revamped by in-house designer Barney Pickard. The new-look magazine, featuring a serif font and ‘cleaner’ design, hits the news-stands next month.

Debate is fuelled by designer driven by car styling

In response to Graeme Bell’s letter (DW14 August), like many products, cars are focus group-tested, minus badges, so to say that it’s the Audi marque that makes people like the TT is unfounded. This car bucked the coupé trend. Some people are scared of change, and ‘Fisher Price’ detailing surely is a different and bolder […]

View finder

Oliver Bennett finds out more about the growing phenomenon of collecting photographs that have been discarded or lost by people and letting the viewer make up their own story about each image

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