Creativity should come first, because digital is only a tool

Guy Lane’s article ‘Negotiating the digital maze’ on the digital revolution (Business Insight, DW 14 August) raised some interesting points about how we use digital technologies.

While the digital revolution and the Internet have provided us with more opportunities for client services, what Lane doesn’t mention are the challenges consultancies face when it comes to using digital in the design stages of a project.

There is no doubt that digital technologies are a huge asset to design, but I also believe they can hinder creativity, resulting in compromised work or reduced quality. Conceptualisation is the key – the idea should come first. Sketching an idea has no boundaries – it isn’t limited to what image can be sourced or what effect can be applied. It is truly unique and tailor-made for the client.

It is essential to realise digital is not a panacea for designers. Knowing when and how to use digital in the overall design process is imperative. We should be aware of this in education, training, client time and budget constraints.

Dave Pettitt, Senior art director, Michon, by e-mail

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