New Designers award to be reviewed for ’97

I was concerned to read your recent article regarding Robert Hassett, the New Designer’s Awards winner in l995 (DW 22 November). It is clear that there has been considerable misunderstanding and the Business Design Centre obviously regrets the disappointment experienced by Mr Hassett.

However, in response I would like to make the following points: The Opera Arts Award was described as “to the value of 1000” in all exhibition literature, together with a description stating that the winning designer would be commissioned to produce artwork through which he or she would earn royalties.

Unfortunately, the project for which Mr Hassett produced original designs has been delayed, although as stated by director of Opera Arts Martin Village, it is still intended that the work will be completed at some stage on the basis of an an agreed remuneration package. I sincerely hope that the two parties will therefore engage in a highly successful and productive professional relationship in the future, thereby fulfiling the original intention of the award.

As a result of the unfortunate episode with the Opera Arts Award, we will be reviewing our awards scheme for New Designers l997. In order to avoid future confusion, we will be establishing a minimum cash prize award of 1000 as a condition of participation. We trust therefore that the original positive spirit of both the exhibition and the awards scheme will be preserved.

Lucy Sicks

New Designers

Business Design Centre

London N1

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