5 January 1995

Ruskies are after our humbugs!

Humbuggery is rife at Solihull consultancy Design One, which has recently gone Russia-mad. – The hysteria started when the group designed humbug wrappers to promote client Royal Mail.

New French press beacon

French state-owned newspapers and magazines distribution agency Nouvelles Messageries de la Presse Parisienne has launched a revamped identity by Crabtree Hall/Plan Cratif. The identity will be rolled out in 5000 sites in France and will be tweaked to suit each outlet by NMPP, which holds the franchises for all tobacconists and newsagents in France. This […]

Warts and all portrait of Morag Myerscough

Our sympathies to Morag Myerscough. We can only assume your picture editor was having a mental aberration when he selected that awful picture of her for the cover (DW 16 December). As we can see from the photograph on page 12 (pictured), she is actually attractive and not a drag queen after a heavy night […]

Qualifications are the best weed killer

It appears that the battle against free-pitching has gone quite well, but what is being done to remove the causes? – We must face up to the fact that there are far too many so-called practising designers.

Luder heads up RIBA

Owen Luder, president of the Royal Institute of British Architects from 1981 to 1983, is to take office for the second time. He received 54 per cent of the votes, beating rival candidate Robin Nicholson. Luder will take up the post in July. The RIBA has published its workload figures for the third quarter of […]

Award winners are not always the top players

With reference to your feature on awards schemes (DW 16 December), year after year design groups that spend a lot of time perfecting the art of self-promotion pick up design awards. The point never seems to be made that the winning entries are not necessarily the best design of their kind at that time, they […]

Sad prospect(us) for the UK

Stonehenge is to be privatised, its ancient grounds destined to become a garish, money-grubbing theme park as actors dressed as Stone Age people sell chunks of genuine pillar in plastic cases. The seaside, too, will be tarted up and sold off. And Hull is to become Britain’s premier tourist attraction. Better get on down before […]

Political parties address urban areas

Labour and Conservative politicians are focusing on urban design in a bid to boost their environment policies. – Environment Secretary John Gummer is poised to hold a series of regional seminars early this year to address ways of improving the built envir

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