It’s time for creatives to get to grips with the dictionary

Adrian Shaughnessy rightly points out an important issue (DW 1 December). Does anyone ever buy anything they see advertised? Someone must, or is it simply a case of filling blank spaces in magazines and hoardings?

And then there’s the little oddity that is Adam Ellis’ creative excitement over ice cream vans (Inspired, DW 1 December), only, I don’t ‘get’ one of them. Should ‘Is it chilli in hear’ be ‘Is it chilli in here?’, or am I just not savvy enough to be in on the pun?

More Shaughnessy, less of the creatives with no grip on the dictionary, no matter how many homonyms they want to squeeze in.

Mark Cox, Designer, Tileywoodman, Reigate, Surrey, RB2 9BS

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