Landor reviews Land Rover’s global brand

Landor Associates has been appointed to undertake a global brand review and development programme for car manufacturer Land Rover, following its acquisition by Ford in July 2000.

The consultancy will work in partnership with the newly formed Land Rover Brand Development Team to help develop the brand globally, according to a statement. Details are being kept strictly under wraps, but the appointment is understood to encompass all aspects of the brand identity.

Landor’s first job will be a brand review programme. It is expected to present its findings and suggestions to Land Rover within the next three to four months, says Landor head of marketing and new business Alec Rattray.

The consultancy will not be conducting any research into the Land Rover brand as this has already been carried out internally and externally by the client’s incumbent advertising agency, Young & Rubicam. Landor will work side by side with the ad agency, says Rattray.

“Initially, we will be reviewing what the Land Rover brand can do and make recommendations based on that,” adds Rattray.

He says it is too early to predict what may or may not change in terms of the Land Rover brand identity. But he admits Land Rover is one of the automotive industry’s least high-profile brands.

Landor was appointed following a three-way, unpaid credentials pitch against unnamed consultancies.

Land Rover is part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group alongside Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo and Lincoln Mercury. Its latest sales figures are up 46 per cent on the same time last year and it has a 31.5 per cent market share of the off-road sector.

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