How could the Design Council communicate its message more effectively to the industry?

Dear Design Council, invite us to love you. After all these years of knowing you, it shouldn’t still feel like a blind date. We want to embrace you, but we need to know your dreams and aspirations, your hopes and fears. We want to know you. Don’t be coy, there are several others waiting in the wings who want to love us. You could start by inviting real design business leaders to an open forum, where you could try to persuade us why we should support you.
Michael Peters, Chief executive, Michael Peters & Partners


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Designers are a finicky lot. Appeal to them with design and the reaction is, ‘I could have done better’ or ‘Can’t they do any better?’. The Design Council has to encourage the industry to find its own level, creating a community that debates design issues and allows designers to reveal their true passions. The Design Council’s website goes some way to providing that platform, but it doesn’t go far enough. Real debate is buried under the boilerplate. Bring the issues into the open.
Richard Eisermann, Strategic director, Prospect

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