Dazzle the client with a bit of fancy parking

Siebert Head director Satkar Gidda is counting his lucky stars, after putting a client’s car through an unorthodox and damaging parking manoeuvre.

Gidda and colleague Tony Watts visited the client, from a major confectionery company, in Switzerland last week. On the way from the airport, the client suggested a spot of lunch.

The conversation had turned to things automotive, and Gidda attempted to prove his theory that starting the car with its lights on would cause an alarm to sound. As the client watched he reached inside and turned the ignition key.

As the car had been parked in gear, and the handbrake left off, it proceeded to drive itself across the pavement and through the front of the restaurant.

Despite several glasses of wine amid the overturned tables, the client remained inconsolable. Gidda proved himself to be a true professional – on arrival at the trio’s destination he made his pitch and won the account.

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