Prints make prizes for winners

Was it the creative-looking whorls around the fingertips? Fingerprints are obviously enormous clues to designers’ identities, as the three lucky winners of our Diary Print Comp discovered.

We showed three fingerprints from prominent members of the design community and ransacked the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations for literary clues (Diary, DW 22 September). Each of the three winners receives a Jake Tilson print worth 450, with the compliments of Cognac Courvoisier.

And the answer is: NUMBER THREE OPTION – Sean Blair of the Design Council, Marcello Minale of Minale Tattersfield and Mary Lewis of Lewis Moberly (round of applause, cheers, and boos from those who got it wrong).

And the winners are: Mark Clubb, Nicholas Halliday of Halliday’s Design and A. Brady of Jeffery Design. All are London-based. This is – please pardon the cliché – by accident not design.

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