ROPID response from designers wanted

This is a plea for DW readers’ generosity. As a co-founder of the Register of Physically Impaired Designers (ROPID), I’m often confronted with apparent miracles.

The last member to join ROPID has suffered from cerebral palsy from birth. Even so, he studied design at college via the computer. Since then he has practised as much graphic design work as he can – no easy task under his circumstances. As far as able-bodied designers are concerned, he has been working a miracle.

This applies to many ROPID members – my co-founder can only nod his head, yet he leaves many professionals way behind.

Practising designers can help. For example, you could track down a disabled designer in your area to offer advice, computer practice, or whatever. You may have redundant computer kit which you could donate or sell for a nominal sum. You could offer a position in your studio, or assist with the formation of a design group staffed by disabled people.

Any ideas you may have will be welcome. Just fax ROPID on 01206 561710.

Les Curtis




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