Please look deeper before criticising the BP identity

I can’t help but be disappointed by the last series of comments around the ‘GCSE Art nonsense’ BP identity (Letters, DW 15 September). Sadly, this debate seems to have constantly centered around the ‘do I like the logo’ issue rather than look for the more significant implications concerning the evolution of the brand itself.

This is the first truly millennium brand project. It challenges traditional identity conventions through its brand positioning and is a brave and courageous project.

Most companies stay in the traditional comfort zone when commissioning a new identity, preferring to express what they are today. In this case, the brand and its identity project and express BP’s future. With 40 per cent of its hydrocarbon product coming from natural gas, a challenging new journey has begun and I believe that we have expressed this.

I am encouraged that the design component of Landor Associates’ work has generated some debate; how sad it would’ve been if it had slipped through with no contention. I am just disappointed at the superficial nature of the criticism.

Our industry must encourage debate, but surely we can move beyond clumsy schoolroom metaphors and take the issues to a higher level.

Peter Knapp

Executive creative director

Landor Associates

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