Issue of presentation deserves more meat

I refer to your news story, which claims that designers should present themselves better to avoid the creative pitch scenario (DW 31 March).

As this was based on research from the European Design Register, I am treating it more as a plug to encourage us to contact Rune Gustafson.

Not that there is anything wrong with PR. However, the art- icle generalises about an issue that deserves more meat and to be put into some context. For example, to dismiss the power of word-of-mouth is really playing into the hands of the cynics because those with a new-business role realise its value, and it can prevent creative pitches.

So, I would be interested to know more details about this research because if there are any sound suggestions as to how we should be presenting ourselves, I’m sure the industry would like to know.

Simon Botham

Client services director

Carr Kamasa Design

London WC1

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