Thank you Dyson for speaking out on fees

I was very pleased to read about James Dyson’s appeal to the European Court of Human Rights against the cost of patent renewal fees (DW 7 February). On behalf of everyone involved in the business of design, a hearty thank you James Dyson.

Since the ramifications of this appeal being successful would be so diversely significant, we should all be supporting the abolition of patent renewal fees. To this end, I would actively support any initiatives, be they Dyson’s or anyone else’s. Maybe Design Week should get behind Dyson’s rolling ball by coordinating a campaign to run alongside his appeal.

Since renewal fees not only violate the human rights of inventors but also damage our economy through loss of potential income, such a campaign may need to put pressure on politicians, especially those with economic remits. The prevention of many inventions coming to market is an issue that must be placed on, for example, the Chancellor’s and Inland Revenue’s agendas; they may not be aware of the scale of unrealised income that such a seemingly inconspicuous issue prevents. But presenting the right case may very well gain the support of the appropriate decision-makers or influencers.

Jon M Gold


Enfield EN3 7PY

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