Designers at Panasonic’s in-house design facility in Japan have styled an LCD monitor which promises to free up desk space normally consumed by bulky computer monitors. The PanaFlat LC40 is a 14in screen with a 1024×768 resolution which, claims Panasonic, provides a ‘rock steady’ image. The power consumption is less than most household light bulbs. […]


A Henry Moore bronze dominates the new glass-fronted public entrance to Television Centre in White City, the London headquarters of BBC Television. The reception area’s interiors are designed by Price McNiven, while the structural design, including a curved glass facade, is by the BBC’s in-house architects. Price McNiven won the work a year ago after […]


In a fit of pique no doubt inspired by London’s current position as a place more fashionable than Paris, it seems the French now harbour plans to erect their own millennium Ferris wheel. Claiming ignorance of similar UK plans, the organisers have resorted to Freudian tactics to outdo London. If both cities build wheels, the […]

DBA selection service to start later this year

The Design Business Association is to launch a consultancy selection service for clients, but is keen to avoid any hint of “jobs for the boys”. Outline proposals penned by DBA board members Barry Salter and Paul King were discussed at a board meeting last week (DW 28 February). Salter, chairman of Design in Action, says: […]


This photograph of Sir John Crofton is one of 30 Nick Sinclair portraits of British doctors who have substantially changed the practice of medicine in the twentieth century. Sinclair was commissioned by the British Medical Journal to produce the work for an exhibition which opens on Tuesday at London’s National Portrait Gallery. BMJ editor Richard […]

SAA identity complete

South African Airways’ new corporate identity is being unveiled on 22 March. New York group Diefenbach Elkins created the new look and local group Design Unit is handling its implementation.

Fitch works on BUPA outlets

Healthcare group BUPA has appointed Fitch to design its high street retail outlets. – Sources in the property industry suggest that the group is in discussions with a major bank over acquiring a number of surplus properties.


Make a note of The Typographic Circle’s March lectures by the Chicago-based group T-26. The group will give three lectures in the UK, the first in Glasgow on 20 March at The Mitchell Theatre in Charing X, on 21st March the consultancy will appear at Manchester Metropolitan University and on 26th March at the RIBA. […]

Trainspotting fix offered to junkies

We take it all back. Two weeks ago we accused Saatchi & Saatchi of having exploited trainspotters for the sake of cheap humour while leaving it up to us to exploit the poor creatures for hard cash (surely Saatchi’s raison d’être).

Glasgow grants aid local firms

Glasgow companies are taking on designers with the cost of their salaries paid for by the Glasgow Development Association. For one, textile designer and producer Timorous Beasties, the deal means the company will put together a collection of its designs for the first time in its seven-year history. For another, a family-owned furniture company called […]

Jigsaw Junior set to launch

Jigsaw Junior, the stand-alone children’s fashion chain, will launch this month in Richmond-upon-Thames with interiors by the Hugo Tugman Partnership, not by John Pawson as suggested last week (DW 28 February). The store is next door to an existing Jigsaw womenswear outlet. They will be connected by an interior door. Further Jigsaw Junior stores are […]

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