Design scope for interactive TV

WH Smith Abbey National and Going Places are set to launch interactive TV services which will provide opportunities for on-screen design groups in the future.

The news follows the announcement by interactive TV service Open about new content providers to be hosted on its home-shopping platform for SkyDigital.

The new providers confirm they are yet to appoint consultancies to design their services.

Other interactive retail services will be provided by Manchester United, designed by TWI, Yellow Pages, through its in-house team, and the Press Association.

Abbey National director of banking Robert Wright says: “The launch date for us will be later than for some of the others and right now we are discussing the functionality of our service rather than the design.” He adds that by autumn the company will be clear about appointing a design group.

A spokeswoman for Going Places says: “We are still in the process of appointing a supplier to work with. I do not know if it will be through a pitch or through an existing supplier.”

Open is also working with The Hub, developing the Woolworth service, Victoria Real building Iceland’s service, and Brann Interactive on HSBC Midland Bank.

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