Businesses miss design potential

Industry is not making the best use of design to improve the quality of customers’ experience and meet its own strategic objectives, according to BAA chairman Sir John Egan.

Speaking at a one-day workshop on Tuesday entitled Improving the Customer Experience, Egan said: “I believe that the potential for design in business is still, on the whole, untapped.

“With many companies… the role of design should start with defining the type of experiences they want people to have in their business.”

But, he added, “I am not convinced that many of those involved in commissioning design in industry are aware of the gravity of their responsibilities.

“The quality of experience people have of any company is one of the most influencing factors in their attitudes towards those companies. Design helps shape those experiences. And so the way a company uses design… will inevitably affect its reputation with customers specifically, and consumers,” he added.

The workshop, organised by BAA and the Royal Institute of British Architects with input from Design Week, involved some 70 invitees from design, architecture and client companies.

The aim is to put customer experience higher on the agenda for designers and clients. Other initiatives are expected to follow.

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