Above my desk, I have a packet of Leo Dried Peas. The packet is illustrated with a poor quality, and deeply unappetising, picture of shiny, luminous green peas, at the centre of which is an ill-fitting, inset photograph, in sepia, of a lion. Leo, lion – get it? But, the reason this packet stays with me, is because underneath ‘dried peas’, it says ‘with Steeping Tablet’ – and I always think it says ‘with Sleeping Tablet’.

Inspiration can hit you in all sorts of places – on your journey to work, tins in a shop that look like they’re still there from the 1950s, somebody’s shoes on the train, a Web link that someone sends you, or just in your own head, as your mind drifts from one thought to another.

We don’t have time to go to exhibitions as much as we know we should. We don’t really have time to keep up with all the reading that we probably should be doing. And when we’ve been to creative forums, they’ve quite often been a let down. Instead, we have to rely on each other to bring different influences into the studio.

Anne Brassier


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