Boots Healthcare targets PI Global for painkiller packaging overhaul

PI Global has updated the corporate identity of leading painkiller Nurofen to make its brand values more ‘transportable’ to other media and to differentiate it from copycat competitors.

The revamped packaging goes on-shelf from this week. According to PI Global executive creative director Don Williams, who worked on the project with senior designer Diana Ross, the redesign will help make Nurofen’s ‘iconic’ identity more consistent and give brand owner Boots Healthcare International a platform for future product variants.

‘The Nurofen design has always been a small target in the centre of the pack with a V-shape across it,’ he says. ‘We’ve freed it up, increasing the size of the target and giving the identity a tweak. There’s more space on the side of the pack to communicate product information and the brand icon is more ownable.’

A silver branding device has been added as a ‘vehicle’ to ‘separate the brand from the packaging’, Williams adds.

PI Global commercial director Lisa Cohen says the impetus for the move is about ‘stretching the brand into other categories’ and making the identity ‘transportable off-pack’.

PI Global is the ‘incumbent’ consultancy on the Nurofen brand and began work on this project about a year ago.

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