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Calendars offer graphics consultancies a great opportunity to go to town with their craft. Forsaking the Pirelli and Pamela Anderson calendars, Amanda Lake selects next year’s hottest date tables and talks to their creators

1 Bird Dog

By Trickett & Webb

Lynn Trickett of Trickett and Webb: ‘The calendar is based around Louisiana at Mardi Gras time. Bird represents the Mamou Mardi Gras chicken chase where they do unspeakable things to chickens. Dog is the local name for alligators.’

Paper: Job Parilux Matt 170gsm

2 Trip

By Dylan Griffith and photographer Rhodri Gly Davies

Designer Dylan Griffith: ‘Producing the calendar has been all about creating a product with a contemporary, exciting and fresh feel to it, yet one which is practical for day-to-day use. We combined striking photography with quality design, using Argentina as inspiration.’

Paper: Silver Mere Matt 200gsm

3 Thrislington Cubicles

By The Partners

Greg Quinton of The Partners: ‘This Advent-style calendar mixes high design with humour. Behind every day hides a famous John.’

Paper: Consort Royal 250gsm

4 One World

By Landor Associates

David Redhill of Landor: ‘The format of the calendar is such that it can be used in two ways: as a poster on one sheet or as fortnightly cards, which have images produced for our clients all over the world. By blending the images together a family network feel is enhanced.’

Paper: Arjo-Wiggins gloss A-2000 250gsm

5 James McNaughton

Paper – The Skye Range

By Johnson Banks

Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks: ‘Two years ago we did a year of flowers and next year we’re doing seasonal vegetables.’

Paper: Skye Silk Imperial 250gsm

6 Kuoni Travel


CDT Design: ‘The production of the calendar was aimed at the new Kuoni Gold Club members as part of an incentive package to encourage more bookings from existing travellers. Six of Kuoni’s key resorts were photographed to capture the uniqueness of the destinations.’

Paper: Consort Royal Silk 200gsm

7 Esprit Europe

By Halpin Grey Vermeir

Pierre Vermeir of Halpin Grey Vermeir: ‘The calendar was made to coincide with the launch of the Esprit Europe. I thought laterally about the calendar and didn’t want to produce something that was expected, when each package is pushed in you can tell exactly what date it is.’

Paper: Consort Royal 240gsm

8 Augustus Martin/ Trickett & Webb – Internet

By Trickett & Webb

Lynn Trickett of Trickett & Webb: ‘This year we have tried to explain the language of the Internet, where the Netscape navigator clashes with the Webcrawler, in the domain of daemons – and virtually anything can happen.’

Paper: Consort Royal Matt 300gsm

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