Appetite adapts London identity

Identity specialist Appetite has developed a corporate identity for the Greater London Authority based upon the “London” branding unveiled this week by advertising agency Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper.

Appetite’s marque for the GLA incorporates the London logo, which is characterised by the letters O and N in contrasting colours, into a new design. The words Greater and Authority feature in a lighter font in petrol blue.

This identity will be rolled out across all GLA stationery and is available to companies wishing to to use it for branding London-based initiatives, such as the Notting Hill Carnival.

Euro RSCG created its branding around the word London, with around 50 variations on the last two letters reflecting various GLA projects and target audiences. These include a wheelchair icon to promote disabled awareness and the green recyling arrow icon to draw attention to the problem of litter.

Appetite director of communications Bruce Beresford says: “We have developed an expression for the new identity, with the same iconic use of the word London, to deliver a corporate identity for the GLA and a marque for London aimed at internal and external audiences.”

The new logo has drawn criticism from some quarters for being too complicated and open to abuse. The British Deaf Association is concerned that the sign language images used by one version are derived from US, rather than from UK sign language.

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