Multistorey creates hook for Southpaw

London design group Multistorey has created the identity for a new record label affiliated to Belgian label PIAS, called Southpaw Recordings.

According to Multistorey partner Rhonda Drakeford, the creative brief given by Southpaw director John Niven was that the identity should not resemble a typical record label, nor any particular style of music.

“He also wanted to steer clear from any boxing-style imagery that could be associated with the meaning of the word ‘Southpaw’ – a left-handed boxer,” says Drakeford.

The logo uses back-to-front letters reflecting the idiosyncratic connotations of the name, that are framed within a white box or written as a keyline image on white paper.

“We wanted the logo to be in black and white for the simplicity needed for it to work on record sleeves,” says Drakeford.

“For the crack back labels we wanted to create a doodle effect to work in harmony with the more restrained layout of the letterhead. To emphasise this, we printed three different doodle designs and used a blue-black ink,” Drakeford adds.

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