Dragon fires up Viacom’s digital division

Outdoor media business Viacom Outdoor is launching its digital media division, Alive, with an identity and branding by Dragon Brands.

The Alive brand will target advertisers and will promote the three digital marketing products launching on the London Underground – cross-track projection, LCD and digital escalator panels.

Timed to coincide with the roll-out of the Underground screen formats, the division and brand identity will be unveiled this week.

Dragon was appointed in May, without a pitch, after previously working with Viacom.

The logo and imagery take on a jungle feel, with images including a flytrap, a chameleon and a peacock.

The images will appear across the digital products on the Tube network, while the logo will feature at the bottom of advertising screens, stationery, business cards and letterheads.

Keshi Bouri, director of design at Dragon, says, ‘We were going to launch with the name Live, but felt the proposition was too widespread, with Microsoft Live and PlayStation Live. Alive reflects movement, entertainment, ideas and innovation. Then we looked at what it means, such as nature, real life and the urban jungle, and then decided on the images and logo’.

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