Cancer research charity points to Enterprise IG

Enterprise IG has created the identity for cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, which launched on Monday.

The charity was formed by the merger of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Cancer Research Campaign. It claims to be the largest non Government-funded cancer research organisation in the world.

The identity has been designed to reflect the ideas of science and humanity as well as communicate the proactive stance the charity intends to take.

It reflects the charity’s values: pioneering, urgent, human and trustworthy, an Enterprise IG spokeswoman says. The marque incorporates two elements, the name and an arrowhead symbol, she adds.

The blue dots of the arrowhead join up behind a magenta tip to ‘express the idea of individuals working together towards a shared goal’ of finding a cure for cancer.

The circles also represent the coming together of Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Cancer Research Campaign.

Neither the consultancy nor the charity will comment on who pitched for the rebrand.

Britain’s two main cancer charities announced their decision to merge in mid-December 2001. Cancer Research UK will now have a research budget of £130m.

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