A recipe for success

‘Pursuing other interests’ is a popular enough claim by designers changing jobs. But in Peter Stimpson’s case, it’s absolutely true, the interest in question being his involvement with a cookery book.

As he tones down his role at Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise (DW 1 May), Stimpson is increasingly embroiled in a project with a copywriting chum to suggest good, quick meals for fledgling cooks. ‘It’s been on a slow burner for about a year,’ he says.

Stimpson’s tome, Flash in the Pan, promises to be down-to-earth. Taking a leaf out of the Pantone shade charts, it will have easy-wipe pages and easy to use recipes. ‘It will be suited to a two-year-old rather than a 24-year-old,’ says Stimpson. That makes most of us potential buyers.

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