Ex-Giant partner says Howdy with new group

Former Giant partner Neil Smith has launched a new consultancy following his departure from Marsteller Giant in May.

Smith becomes the second of the four Giant founders to go it alone. The start up, called Howdy, was launched with ex-Marsteller Giant design director Sharon Clampin last month, and already has a number of clients on board.

A large confidential brand launch is underway and the pair are working on the Labour Party’s annual report and a House of Commons literature project, as well as providing services for a number of PR agencies.

Howdy’s founders are currently looking for a permanent site south of the Thames; until then the group is based in Smith’s home studio. Smith takes the nominal title of design director while Clampin is account director – they are not planning to specialise in any one area of design.

“When we set up Giant one of the key interests was that we did a bit of everything. A lot of design groups specialise, but I think that a skilled designer can work across disciplines,” says Smith.

He set up Giant together with Alan Herron (now at The Chase in Manchester), Martyn Hay and Mark Rollinson (both still at Marsteller Giant). The four partners sold the consultancy to Burston Marsteller in 1997 for an undisclosed amount.

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