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Graham Button, a partner at US-based brand strategy and communications consultancy Genesis, provides a bold headline article about over-branding killing profits and scaring off consumers in a posting on Fast Code Design’s website. Button recognises how over-branding can dilute the effects of a strong brand.
The Best of the Web section holds quite an impressive back-catalogue of unusual typography and here is yet another to add to the list. While children are busy making tents out of their quilt covers, Bravo Company has found another use for its bed sheets, creating ’brush-like’ typography from linen.
A recent posting on David the Designer site entitled ’Into the real world’ gives advice from a design graduate looking back over her last year after finishing university. Sian Griffiths writes about her worries about entering working life, where she turned for help and her experiences of applying for jobs and going for interviews.
The blog 66,000 Miles Per Hour is created by Tim Rich and Tom Lynham. A recent posting by Rich discusses the importance of brand language, using the product Modern Milk as an example. ’The product is trying hard to turn a commodity into a value brand, but some of its communication is confusing’, points out Rich.

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