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Jason Bruges

People inspire me, passionate people, who love what they do and have a natural curiosity for life.

These people inspire me because of their achievements, yes, but mostly because of the way they arrived at those achievements and the way in which they live their lives.

You can see in broadcaster David Attenborough’s work a genuine life-long fascination in everything that makes up our planet, and his affection for the people he works with and for the natural world – even for the smallest velvet worm.

My brother Jason constantly inspires me with his ambitious creative ideas and considerate, passionate approach.

Caitlin Smith is a jazz singer and vocal coach. She is also a passionate environmental campaigner and her blindness doesn’t hold her back.

Teresa Weiss is a beautiful friend who, having survived cancer more than once, remains positive through everything life throws her way.

These and many other people inspire me every day.

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