Interstate does Jamie Does book

Interstate Associates has designed the book to accompany celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s new series Jamie Does…

Interstate was appointed in August 2009 following a three-way pitch which also included Penguin’s in-house team, according to Interstate’s creative director Nigel Gray.

The Jamie Does… series, on Channel 4, sees Jamie Oliver visit six locations, including Morocco, Sweden and Greece, to explore the food, culture, people and architecture of these regions.

Gray says the 360-page book, which hits shelves today, needed to ‘encapsulate and celebrate all these experiences in the spirit and passion that is Jamie Oliver’.

He says the book can be used as both a traditional cookbook and a travel guide, and that the grids used to represent each country reflect the personalities of the location. So the grid for Morocco ‘allows images to express the hustle and bustle and the excitement by allowing them to overlap’, while ‘Sweden’s technical and minimalistic personality is metaphorically suggested through a very structured grid’.

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