Morag Myerscough works on Vintage at Goodwood festival

Wayne Hemingway (pictured) has spoken about design direction at his inaugural Vintage at Goodwood festival, which is being led by Morag Myerscough and Hemingway’s wife Gerardine.

Revealing Myerscough’s involvement, he says, ’She’s been working hand in hand with Gerardine, to make an occasion out of every event, instead of just housing them in a big tent.’ Vintage at Goodwood, which will be held at the Goodwood venue in West Sussex from 13-15 August, aims to explore Britain’s ’musical, design and cultural heritage’ across five decade-specific areas from the 1940s to the 1980s.

It also has a Now area comprising design and music inspired by its cultural lineage, and a Future Vintage area pinpointing future design classics. ’The whole thing is more about design and re-creation than nostalgia,’ says Hemingway.

Myerscough and Gerardine Hemingway have designed The Torch Ballroom and Restaurant for the 1940s site. ’It really will look like an old dance hall. There’s a tiered stage, which people can walk down like Fred and Ginger,’ he adds. Recycling materials from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Warehouse area will pay homage to warehouse parties and ’DIY clubbing’ of the 1980s.

’Those materials would normally be broken down and scrapped, but we’ll build out of it,’ says Hemingway. In addition, a dodgem track will be converted into a roller disco.

Hemingway says talks have taken place with The Sorrell Foundation and the Design Council. Hemingway, who is also looking for help from individual supporters, says,

’To make this work we need loads of people to come forward – set dressers, artists and designers. The more help we have, the better.’

Vintage festival

  • The branding and website for the festival have been designed in-house by Hemingway Design
  • Wayne Hemingway says he is in discussion with design figureheads to showcase initiatives and products at the festival ahead of its 13 August opening

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