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1. The Design Museum’s Designs of the Year winners have been announced, including a fuel-efficient car and outline paintings of drones.

GF Smith

2. Made Thought has created a new identity for paper company G.F Smith.


3. Nike’s rumoured move away from wearable technology and its FuelBand device would be ‘a smart move’, say commentators.

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Source: doobybrain

‘I had spelt my own name wrong. In big capital letters. In the middle of my wedding invitation.’ Brandhouse’s Bronwen Edwards is among designers who come clean about their biggest mistakes for us.

Image of the week


There are some amazing images of Space ephemera in photographer Edgar Martins’s new show The Rehearsal of Space & The Poetic Impossibility to Manage the Infinite.

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Google Glass

Here’s a Tumblr of people who look cool wearing Google Glass.

Design stories in the national press


The BBC takes a look at the revival of regional identities. It says six new flag designs were registered in the last year.

The Telegraph pays tribute to the Nintendo Game Boy, which turns 25 this year.

And the Daily Mail has a round-up of the best-designed public toilets around the world.

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