BBC unveils new Radio 5 logo

The BBC rolls out its new Radio 5 Live identity today, the first of a planned series of station logo redesigns.

The BBC appointed advertising agency Fallon to rethink its portfolio of nine radio station identities in March, following a four-way pitch. Fallon designer Jamie Craven led the project to reinvent the logos for the broadcaster’s five analogue stations as well as the digital-only networks.

Fallon, which has an independent design division, received a fee of £120 000 for the project. The Asian Network will be the second station to officially launch its logo, on August 12.

Gilda Witte, head of marketing for radio brands at the BBC, explains that the brief was to create ‘nine new identities for each of our radio services that were effective as a portfolio but also expressed the brands’ individual personalities’.

Craven adds, ‘Although the identifies are very simple, they still have personality and can work across different spaces more effectively than the previous logos.’

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  • Regine Schmidt November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    One has to wonder on what merit the work on the BBC radio station logos has
    been awarded and why it cost £120,000 to produce this work, which even the
    designer admits to be simple.

    Maybe the identity looks the way it does because it was a situation of
    “death by committee” or no one really looked at it before signing it off.
    Well taste has always been a subjective matter.

    We find it fascinating that it wasn’t possible to come up with something a
    little bit more unique for this amount of money – given they had a lot of
    time to do the work as well.

    Thousands of designers all over the country create much better work in a
    shorter time frame every single day – and they all can only dream of a fee
    of £120,000 for nine logos.

    We have a dream …

    Essence Design Limited

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