Brahma launches ‘public art’ campaign

Packaging designs created by Brahma’s customers will tomorrow go on show as part of a promotional exhibition and campaign for the global beer brand.

The top ten-selling beer launched a ‘public art’ competition in January to find a design to use on packaging and trade promotional material.

The winning designs from the competition feature on more than 1.3 million on-trade bottles and 800 000 off-trade take home packs sold across the UK.

Brahma’s brand consultancy Boxer has overseen the implementation of the winning designs, selected by artists Stella Vine, Jimi Crayon and Harry Pye, and has organised a UK touring exhibition running throughout August to support the retail and on-trade launch of the consumer designs.

At the launch of the competition, Brahma explained that the thinking behind the competition came from the need to stay true to its roots as a ‘brand of the people’.

Rather than side-stepping professional design services, the idea was about giving the existing Brahma packaging ‘more visibility’, it said. 

The designs will be shown first in London bar Guanabara, in Covent Garden WC2, before travelling to Bournemouth, Liverpool and Glasgow.

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