Migrants to Scottish Borders get a Web welcome

Edinburgh-based design consultancy Lewis Creative Consultants has produced a website welcoming recent migrants to the Scottish borders.

The website will help users to find housing and services in the towns and villages on the border between Scotland and England.

Lewis was appointed to create the website by Waverley Housing association in response to last year’s influx of immigrants to the area, particularly from Poland.

Lewis won the contract following a recommendation by Eildon Housing Assocation to Waverley. The consultancy has worked with Eildon since 1990 on its Web and print-based communications.

The group’s design director Ian Kirkby believes Lewis was appointed because of its long history of working with Scottish housing associations.

‘We wanted the website to look really crisp and legible, particularly to overcome any confusion caused by the fact that it is available in Polish, Portuguese, Russian and English,’ says Kirkby.

‘The borders of Scotland is a very rural area, so the website had to reflect that in the way the imagery was worked into the navigation,’ adds Kirkby.

For more information, visit www.newtotheborders.co.uk.

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