Starck to launch wind turbine next year

Philippe Starck is aiming to launch his domestic wind turbine in the UK next year, according to reports.

Philippe Starck is aiming to launch his domestic wind turbine in the UK next year, according to reports.

Newspapers including The New York Times and The Sunday Times are reporting that the French product designer’s eco creation will be capable of providing as much as 60 per cent of the energy required by the average household.

In terms of its design, the turbine will operate via a rotating square transparent plastic blade, which turns horizontally through the force of the wind.

It will retail at around £400 reports indicate, and will tap into the growing market for DIY energy at a time when international energy prices are rising.

The concept, previewed in Milan this year, marks Starck’s latest foray into ecological product design, something he terms ‘democratic ecology’. Other recent creations include his eco-house, eco-scooter, electric car and solar-powered motor boat.

Starck’s 15-strong Paris design studio was unable to elaborate on the work, being closed for the summer break.

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