Crafts Council supports furniture makers with new LDF show

The Crafts Council has announced a new exhibition it will deliver in partnership with designer Priscilla Carluccio at the London Design Festival.

Tables and Chairs: New Contemporary Voices in Wood will look at new furniture making techniques through the work of 12 designers.

‘These new voices challenge our ideas and preconceptions of what tables and chairs look like and how they are made,’ say the exhibition’s organisers.

Makers have used lasered and hand-tooled techniques on furniture, combined wood and ceramic materials, and even applied ‘optical illusion’ techniques.

The 12 designers to be featured are Rosemary Anrude, Anna Bullus, Adi Chambers, Melisa Dora, Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, Deborah Elsaesser, Niall Gonnella, Minja Kolehamainen, Euan Lind, Pottinger and Cole (whose chairs are pictured), Jeremy Price and Jolyon Yates.

Bullus’ set of four stools lean together at an apparently impossible angle, and Price has developed a technique to create a laminate skin to hide joints.

The exhibition runs from 18-26 September at Few and Far, London SW3.

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