Ideo and Jamie Oliver team up for fresh food challenge

Design and innovation company Ideo and chef Jamie Oliver have launched a competition to raise awareness among young people of the benefits of fresh food.

The challenge aims to tackle obesity by exploring how to improve children’s knowledge about food and its origins to allow them to make better choices.

Oliver briefed participants to ‘create environments, businesses, ideas and solutions around engaging people, especially children, with real food, fresh food, where their food comes from, so we can help make the future for them a better place.’

The competition will be hosted by Ideo’s online community Open Ideo. The platform has been created with the aim of allowing a broad range of users to work together to tackle difficult briefs and challenges.

The initial part of the challenge involves participants posting stories, videos, articles and sketches on the Open Ideo website to inspire solutions to the challenge. The concept stage, which begins later this month, will see participants build on ideas offered in the inspiration stage.

The winning idea, which will announced on 8 October, will be chosen by the Open Ideo community.

Oliver says, ‘It’s down to clever people to come up with clever ideas.’

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