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Boneshaker magazine

bear in a trailer!
bear in a trailer!

Boneshaker Magazine, a celebration of the joys of cycling, has just launched its sixth issue, available at For each edition of Boneshaker, joint editors Jimmy Ell, Mike White and John Coe (with design by Coe Creative) curate a mix of writing and illustration, with previous contributors including designers (and bike-lovers) John McFaul and Nick Hand. Issue Six features a personal account on how to avoid bike maintenance, an interview with Two N Fro cycling fashion designer Karta Healey and a plethora of bike-related illustration joys. For my money however, Adam’s Carvalho’s Trailer Bear illustration (pictured) from Issue Five remains the title’s highlight.


Duvel beer glass designs

Emil Kozak
Emil Kozak

Belgian beer Duvel has teamed up with four international designers to create bespoke designs for its sensually curvy signature glasses, once again proving that booze and art are inextricably linked.  Belgian artist and sculptor Arne Quinz has come up with a  specially adapted abstraction of his painted tribute to Monet, a work entitled  My Safe Gardens, for the project. Daan Stuyven took a more egotistical approach, adorning the glass with a picture of, well, himself; while Emil Kozak’s work, apparently, ’plays with the idea that imagination can defy gravity and bend time.’ We’re particularly impressed with the work of  Stefan Glerum, incorporating Art Deco influences with Bauhaus,  Russian Constructivism and psychedelia. Thinking and drinking in a whole new light.



Little a Designs


Yes, Little a Designs are twee, mushy and cutesy. But sometimes we all need a little twee in our lives, and we feel these hand stitched creations worth a mention not only for their prettiness, but for the story behind them. the creations are inspired by four-year old Arthur – ‘a’- who suffers from cerebral palsy and right handed hemiplegia. His mother, Marna Lunt is his full-time carer, and to relieve herself of her own anxiety and depression, channels her energies into Little a Designs. The Buttons, ribbons and cheeriness are testament to a very cheery enterprise born of cheery circumstances.


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