Tord Boontje plays with magnets

In what is described as ‘a new direction for his work’ Tord Boontje is set to unveil a new range of patterns created using electro-magnetism.

Magnetic Fields patterns
Magnetic Fields patterns

Boontje says the work is based on his 1991 graduation project at Design Academy Eindhoven, which was an investigation into interference pigments – colours that look differently depending on which way they are struck by the light.

His new work, Magnetic Fields, features 3D patterns created using electro-magnetism, which are embedded into resin-coated surfaces.

Chair and table render - awaiting pattern
Chair and table render – awaiting pattern

The new work is being presented at an installation at Studio Tord Boontje this month, featuring wall panels and furniture.

Boontje recently announced that he is leaving his position as head of design products at the Royal College of Art, in order to focus on his own studio’s work.

Magnetic Fields is at Studio Tord Boontje, 23 Charlotte Road, London EC2A, from 13-22 September.

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