Nobrow’s Fish is a dark and colourful tale

Nobrow’s latest graphic short story, Fish by Bianca Bagnarelli, is a dark tale of introspection and the struggle to come to terms with grief.

The story is an incongruous one, deliberately at odds with both the principal character – a young boy – and the picturesque landscape of the French Riviera at the height of summer.

Mauves, purples and reds manage to sum up this inherent contradiction at the heart of the tale as they give off both a natural warmth and coldness.

Milo, the central character, has lost his parents and he lives with his grandparents on the Cote D’Azur attempting, as Nobrow puts it, to escape ‘the grim spectre of death’.

‘He sees it wherever he looks, whatever he does, and the fragility of his own existence plagues his every thought,’ adds Nobrow.

We won’t ruin it and tell you how death reveals itself and if Mylo is able to escape it, but it’s a short and gripping read.

Fish by Bianca Bagnarelli is out now priced £6.50 and available from here.

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