Draught draws up Dusst identity

Graphic and branding consultancy Draught Associates has created a new identity and website for Dusst Digital, an interior design group and 3D visualisation specialist.

Draught Associates was approached directly and appointed in July, on the strength of an existing relationship between the two groups.

Dusst, which was founded in 1997, gave Draught Associates an open brief to form the new identity. Two themes were then developed across print and Web formats: a spectrum of light and the formation of pixels.

Michael Lenz, creative director of Draught Associates, says, ‘The logotype is quite simple. The themes are more in its application, like the business cards using a holographic foil.’

He adds, ‘The majority of stuff [Dusst] produces is 3D, so we used the basic form of the pixel and other shapes and forms, working with colour and light across all touchpoints.’

The flash website launched yesterday, and stationery is being circulated this week.

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