Oak Creative helps with Holiday Extras rebrand

Kent consultancy Oak Creative has worked on the £200 000 rebrand of holiday add-on company Holiday Extras.

The Hythe consultancy, which is Holiday Extras’ sister company, was appointed to the work in April, and carried it out with Holiday Extras’ in-house Web team.

The rebrand includes a new corporate identity, including a new logo, strapline and Web design, which will roll out across the business between now and April 2009.

The previous logo had been designed by Team Saatchi, says Rick Hatfield, illustrator and designer at Oak Creative.

Hatfield says, ‘We got back to basics with the branding and the website. The problem that Holiday Extras faced was that no one really knew who they were, despite them being a market leader.’

Matthew Pack, Web and marketing director for Holiday Extras, says, ‘The rebranding programme has provided us with an opportunity to talk to our business partners and employees about our values – innovation, inspiration, people and success – and how they are embodied.

‘The rebrand has reinvigorated all our team and our communications, and looks set to be the start of another 25 years of success.’

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