Figtree brands mobile phone protection device

Figtree has created the brand identity for Sticky, a device that protects, tracks and backs up data from mobile phones in case they are stolen or lost.

Figtree was appointed this summer to name and create a brand identity for the product, which was formerly known as i-Migo.

Sticky was chosen as it can be applied to the technology as well as the device, and reflects its capability to ‘stick to you, stick your data to you, and make your phone all sticky if someone tries to make off with it’.

Matt Partis, designer at Figtree, says, ‘We went through many different names but Sticky worked: it’s a more light-hearted approach than a lot of the “techie” sounding products on the market.’

He adds, ‘We wanted it to stand out. It wasn’t just aimed a corporate clients – it’s aimed at anybody, and we wanted to create a brand that was truly memorable.’

Figtree also designed the Sticky logo and created design templates for the website.

A Sticky spokesman says, ‘The Figtree approach was creative, insightful and decisive, while always remaining sensitive to our requirements.’

The website for Sticky, built by Stripe Consulting, is live, and the device launches next year.

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