Rubbish fashion

Fashion – what is it? It can be uber cool, trendy, cutting-edge and oh so stylish, but sometimes a little slick for its own good. The newsstands, for example, are littered with glossy fashion magazines that are trying to out-style each other. So its refreshing to see Rubbish Ink – a fashion magazine – which landed on the Design Week editorial desk that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

To put it in context, Rubbish Ink looks at Salad Dressing (and, yes, we mean clothes not the sauce). Who ever thought a cucumber could look so cool?

Salad Dressing feature
Salad Dressing feature

For the photography shoots it transports its fashion models (children) back to 1940s wartime Britain – which also seems to be a theme for this issue as younger models take on the ‘queen of playful style’ Lady Ga Ga and dress up using utensils from under the kitchen sink.

Rubbish is the brain child of Jenny Dyson, along with Jack Dyson, who were both frustrated with their far too serious jobs at, yes, you guess it, glossy fashion magazines. The first issue came out in February 2006 at London Fashion Week, with the second following a year later. This issue (two and a half ) is a special teaser edition that explores playfulness.

Rubbish Cover
Rubbish cover – kids going Ga Ga

Not only is Rubbish Ink’s quirky take on fashion to be applauded, the format is quite ballsy – being oversized. The great visuals and striking typography also suit the extrovert layout.

Rubbish Ink is going bi-annual – so look out for volume three next summer.

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