Start brands British Inspiration Trust

Start Creative has designed an identity for the British Inspiration Trust, a new charitable foundation set up by Phil Packer, winner of the 2009 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award.

Packer is a former soldier who received a spinal cord injury while serving in Iraq in 2008, which left him paraplegic. Since then he has rowed across the English Channel and completed the London Marathon.

Start co-founder Darren Whittingham was invited to design the charity’s identity after meeting Packer in August 2009.

BRIT was set up to deliver support, resources and inspiration to young people between the ages of 16 and 25 facing disability, deprivation, injury, or those who are young carers.

The identity draws inspiration from the ‘courageous’ lion, found on the British Royal Coat of Arms, which reflects the aims and values of the charity, according to Start, and is a potent symbol of British strength and courage. It was created by Steve Wilson of illustration partner Breed.

Start has also designed The Little Book of Inspiration ‘which will set the scene of the business case’, says Whittingham. The book will detail Packer’s plans to build a centre of support with the money from donations. 

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